Where to drink in Vienna: Kleinod Galerie Bar

Kleinod Bar Wien Singerstrasse

Kleinod Bar Wien Singerstrasse

Just when I was up to read my last Emails before signing off, to enjoy my long awaited holiday week abroad, one of those long press informations caught my attention. Weird, cause it was a Cocktail-Bar, and I don’t do nightlife for a long time anymore. And then I knew it! This is the place, where I worked, during my short student-life, twice a week for about a year. What a place that was in the 80ies. Fun memories -and fortunately – only memories and no Instagram pics or such. What happened at the Galerie Bar stayed at the Galerie (this was the name of the Bar back then.) Continue reading

Daily Essentials: in my bag

In my bag

My handbags are no big news. Always the same. Honestly, my last purchase was the Vivienne Westwood Cotton Bag in 2013 after the black Hermès Gardenparty in Spring 2012.  I rarely buy a new one, and if, you would know :-)) , cause this is always a big deal for me. Its like buying a new car for most of the people. I do have one or two on my radar, but I don’t like to buy a bag in a Online-Store, and didn’t see the desired pieces IRL yet.  But I thought, I sharing my favorite things in my bag today could be fun. I always enjoy the insight of a friends’ bag.  Continue reading

White Roses

Lifestyle Blog: Windows of Vienna at home | White Roses for Good Mood

This rainy weather is clearly everything, but not to my taste. Feeling the same way? Well, then this roses are for you! Sending love and good mood with the photographs from a lovely flower-gift I got this summer for my dining table. Continue reading