Antique Rindfleisch Teller und Assietten im Grand Ferdinand

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Wenn man am Schwarzenbergplatz dem Hotel Imperial den Rücken zukehrt, und das Café Schwarzenberg im Visier hat, ist am Schubertring Richtung Stadtpark mit Blick auf die Ringstrasse ein Wiener Knotenpunkt der Geschichte erreicht, die bestimmt ein Buch gut füllen könnte. #secretsocietyvie nenne ich es gerne. 


Viennese Phrases to know: Handsemmel

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Was es bei mir Neues gibt hast Du ja letzte Woche im Newsletter erfahren. Was ich am Liebsten Sonntags esse, wissen hauptsächlich meine Follower von meinem Foodblog Vanportrait Kitchen. Hier habe ich ja schon länger Nichts aus meiner Küche erzählt.

Viennese Phrases to know: Fiaker

In Vienna


My favorite shot of the week: White Fiaker Horses in the city center of Vienna on Michaelerplatz infront of the entrance of our majestic Hofburg. A thing every tourist should have in his photo album when leaving Vienna: Fiaker and viennese architecture.

I am living in Vienna, so buying a ride on a Fiaker is not a usual thing for residents. But I had the pleasure once, and I remember, I felt very special in the carriage. It is kind of that ‚princess for a day‘ moment.

But what is a ‚Fiaker‘?

A Fiaker is a horse-drawn four-wheeled carriage for hire. You will find some at any touristic corner of Vienna. In the 19. century there were about 1000 horse-carriages available, while today only about 10%-15% are offered for hiring. You can book your ride online in advance. I would recommend checking prices and carriage, when in Vienna. Regular Tour-Prices start at 90 Euros for 40 minutes for up to 4 people per carriage.


Viennese Phrases to know: Schaumrolle

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Do you have a sweet tooth? When visiting Vienna, and being one of the Tourists, who are seeking the regional pastry pleasures, you should not miss this one:



Almost 50 percent fats, and 50 percent carbohydrates makes it not a light pastry.

But still: the french would call it Vol-au-vent (windblown), to describe its lightness, because that’s what it is.

Austrian Pastries. Lifestyle Stories on Windows of Vienna

A puff pastry cloud and, I love it. To be honest, I don’t eat it regularly, but twice or three times a year … If I am lucky I find a Mini-Version, now and then. The smallest one would be about 6-7cms in length and a diameter of 2cm. This really doesn’t count. It’s one hearty bite.


So, practice spelling: Schaumrolle!