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In Vienna

Artproject courtyard MuseumsQuartier Wien

The 60th Eurovision Songcontest 2015 is history. What remains, after a week (actually for the viennese residents half a year) of Building Bridges and thousands of tourists more than usual, attracted from the oldest and biggest Contest, are

Zero Points for the hosting country and a shiny winner from the always friendly country Sweden.

Congrats one more time! Heroes from Mans Zelmerlöw was one of my top 3 from the beginning, too. Not because the sound is my cup of tea (it isn’t), but because I like the lyrics and the positiv and friendly openminded attitude. In short: Building Bridges. That’s what the contest is about for me. Life is going back to normal.

Short Citywalk Vienna: Palais Ferstel Passage and Kunstforum

In Vienna, Short City Walk


Whenever I have to run errands in the Freyung area, a short city walk between Hof – Kunstforum – Freyung – Ferstel Passage – Herrengasse is a Must. Having a coffee, buying some french stuff, like special salt for my salt collection (here) at the Épicerie fine & Bistrot Beaulieu or at Xocolat.