#WoVparkcollection – park of the month: Stadtpark

WoV Parkcollection.. Stadtpark Vienna

A park for all souls and seasons, and all for FREE…

WoV Parkcollection.. Stadtpark Vienna „#WoVparkcollection – park of the month: Stadtpark“ weiterlesen


#somewhereinHietzing: Monday Blues

Somewhere in Hietzing ... Travelsecrets and Lifestyle Stories on Windows of Vienna

Sometimes I forget, that not everyone is addicted to Smartphones and Instagram. Maybe it is a smart idea to post some of my favorite shots randomly here on the blog too. Did you know that you can easily browse through Instagram on your desktop too? Have a look at my gallery of neighborhood pics, which I post on a regular basis under my hashtag #hietzingnews: „#somewhereinHietzing: Monday Blues“ weiterlesen

Art project Euroart MuseumsQuartier Wien

Artproject courtyard MuseumsQuartier Wien

The 60th Eurovision Songcontest 2015 is history. What remains, after a week (actually for the viennese residents half a year) of Building Bridges and thousands of tourists more than usual, attracted from the oldest and biggest Contest, are

Zero Points for the hosting country and a shiny winner from the always friendly country Sweden.

Congrats one more time! Heroes from Mans Zelmerlöw was one of my top 3 from the beginning, too. Not because the sound is my cup of tea (it isn’t), but because I like the lyrics and the positiv and friendly openminded attitude. In short: Building Bridges. That’s what the contest is about for me. Life is going back to normal. „Art project Euroart MuseumsQuartier Wien“ weiterlesen

Short Citywalk Vienna: Palais Ferstel Passage and Kunstforum


Whenever I have to run errands in the Freyung area, a short city walk between Hof – Kunstforum – Freyung – Ferstel Passage – Herrengasse is a Must. Having a coffee, buying some french stuff, like special salt for my salt collection (here) at the Épicerie fine & Bistrot Beaulieu or at Xocolat. „Short Citywalk Vienna: Palais Ferstel Passage and Kunstforum“ weiterlesen

Flowers, bunnies and Sweet delights. This must be Easter Week

Hello from the most beautiful season in Vienna. Spring arrived and is here to stay.
Eastertime in Vienna

Eastertime in Vienna

Everyone is visiting the beautiful parks of the city. Whether it is Stadtpark (above), next to MAK – the Museum of Applied Arts, which happens to have the most amazing windows I could admire for hours, beside the art exhibited.

Eastertime in Vienna

Burggarten next to the Albertina museum,

Eastertime in Vienna

Eastertime in Vienna

or a little bit outside the city center: Schoenbrunn Palace Gardens

Eastertime in Vienna

Flower Power everywhere. What a joy to go outside and leave the car at home and take a walk through the city. That’s the time of the year, when I find little stores I never would find by driving the car to run errands. Places I almost forgot and new little gems hidden in districts behind big streets.  „Flowers, bunnies and Sweet delights. This must be Easter Week“ weiterlesen

Find your Christmas Peace

Christmastime. For some of us a nightmare or even not worth thinking of. Not to me. I can’t wait to light the first candle on the advent wreath and open my first windows of my adventcalender. Yes! This is not a teenage blog and I am not a child. But hey! Of course I want an adventcalender. Same goes for the Adventweekends. I am lucky to live in Vienna, where some true Christmas magic happens every year. People from around the world travel across Europe to visit the Christmas markets, and I just have to leave the house and am in the middle of a dozen choices. Find your Christmas Peace weiterlesen