Lisbon part 2 – Restaurant Eleven

Joachim Koerper is Chef de Cuisine of the Michelin Star rewarded Restaurant Eleven since 2004. I was so very excited what to expect and came with high expectations. Every expectation was exceeded and toped by surprises. The tasty ones, the host and service and all that crowned with the view! …

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My TravelSecrets. Lisbon part 1 – the Sightseeing Highlights

A week, when everything went wrong, what should have been finished, and the weather deserves just that vulgar four letters with f. This is possibly the most common reason to visit a website, which offers a 9to5-break and look for some places, where life seems to be just a bit better. Where you can relax and explore new things. Where you have good food and nice weather. Where you find new inspiration and joy.

Those weeks come on a regular basis. I had one of these at the beginning of this winter, when I was craving for a Sicily visit. But no way to find a direct flight. My search brought me to a stay in Lisbon, Portugal. I can’t say how happy I am, that there were no flights offered to the South of Italy, because I had the best experience of a city-trip by the sea ever. The magical city of Lisbon caught me by surprise.

The architecture, the people, food, life itself and the movement and lifestyle.

My Lisboa Travelsecrets on Windows of Vienna - part 1 The City Sightseeing Highlights

I enjoyed every second and everything I found there, and can only highly recommend. Visit Lisboa!

Just one thing, if you are a woman, who knows to enjoy the pleasure of high heels. Leave them at home, unless you have a limousine-service driving you all day, which would be not half the fun to get to know the city. Nearly impossibly to walk with them in the city of cobblestones and small hills up and down hiding on every corner. Honestly, I only saw one woman in five days wearing heels.

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