Istria. Postcard from Opatija

One of my best kept travel secrets until today is a small town located on the northwest coast of the Istrian peninsula. 500km south of Vienna you will enter a fin de siècle jewel by the sea. Being architecturally well preserved it is a feast for the eye for someone who lives in Vienna and […]

Weiterlesen Istria. Postcard from Opatija

Slow Hosting – the appreciation of art and cuisine in Austria

Long time Windows of Vienna readers are familiar with my pleasure, spending our free days in the state Burgenland around Lake Neusiedl and the wedding anniversary habit to spend the recurring event near the wedding location. Enjoy the photographs from my lunch at the Taubenkobel Grocery Store and the latest artworks from Hubertus Hohenlohe presented recently at the viennese Museum of the 21. Century

Weiterlesen Slow Hosting – the appreciation of art and cuisine in Austria

Amsterdam, Spring Impressions – Ansichtkaart #2

Amsterdam was beautiful. Not only the famous tulips. The city was much bigger than I expected. The walks were really long, and the weather was kind of, well April like. But still, I shot about 700 pictures and am just about to get finished with editing. So please enjoy some Spring Impressions from Holland’s capital Amsterdam, the shining example of intelligent tolerance, through my eyes:

Weiterlesen Amsterdam, Spring Impressions – Ansichtkaart #2