Scarfring profile: Chaine d Ancre Recto Verso

Chaine d'Ancre Recto Verso Scarfring by Hermes


Remember when I asked simply everyone in the Scarf Scene about the SOIE Scarfring? If anyone could recommend it, or even owns one? Simply every answer included “Don’t buy it”. And then I was most happy to get it as a present.


Lesson learned. I didn’t think of asking, if the new Chaîne d’Ancre version “Recto Verso” is worth a try. If you have a thing for Hermès perfection, you love the scarfrings too.


I got the two tone Chaîne d’Ancre for two reasons:

1. I don’t wear gold jewelry, and sometimes, especially with  yellow shades, I miss this warm shine of the yellow metal.

2. I love chunky and heavy scarfrings worn as pendant.


On the two pictures above you can see beautifully the difference the two sides make on one and the same scarf (Kelly en Caleche, 70cm).


Having a thing for striped scarves like Faubourg Express, H au Galop or Mediterranee didn’t hurt either, because this new scarf accessories features a mirroring silver golden stripe, when seen from the side.


The biggest surprise was that, even if the piece weighs quiet a bit, it works great with thin Pointus too.


above: Carré en Carrés Pointu

below: En Desordré Pointu in the green version

(can’t wait to snap some pics with my yellow one)


Reorganized and carefully stored: My Scarfring Collection


Today wearing mint stripes


One of the wonderful side effects of having a collection of Hermès scarves is definitely that you always find a scarf with the Must Have colors of the season, even if the chosen piece is much older than a few months.

For example: Faubourg Express by Dimitri Rybaltchenko from Spring 2009 with the mint and blue shaded stripes on grey background.

Such as a picture cut out from the landscape, framed by the window of a passing train, the FAUBOURG EXPRESS scarf wavers between reality and abstraction.  The image is streaked with thin lines, giving the immediate impression of speed.  Reality is transformed waiting to be reconstituted, imagination set free.  This blurred image provides a moment of escape to the onlooker. Carried away by a high-speed train that erases the landscape and makes it fray, rocked by the regular rhythm of the engines, the traveller plunges into an almost hypnotic dream.

Even if I had chosen another color way of the design like Costinianus shows a much more colorful version on white background in his blog, it would be perfect for wearing it this season. And so it comes to no surprise that Faubourg Express will get some air this summer and won’t have any reason to be sad in the closed orange box.

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