Autumn Enjoyment in Neusiedl

Out Of ToWn


The weather was perfect for a short break in Neusiedl.


Mole West opened the pumpkin season already and I had to try one of these offers from the weekly menu.


The organic Risotto with pumpkin and Rucola was a true delight. But that was no surprise, as we were never disappointed by the quality of food served here, all the years.


And after the coffee we enjoyed a last drink outside before driving back to Vienna.




My new purple Dr.Martens are truly boots #madeforwalking and I found the perfect matching Cashmere Shawl with the same color including the yellow stitching. (Oops I cheated on Hermès; – again) That duo will get a lot of fresh air this winter, because I am in love with the color combination.


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20131003-211035.jpgJOIS near Neusiedl

Out of Town: Daytrip Sopron and Esterhazy Castle Part 2

Out Of ToWn

After having delicious cake and coffee in Sopron in the morning I drove about 20 min. to Esterhazy Castle.


About 40km away from the primary home of the Esterházy family, the Palace Esterházy in Eisenstadt on the austrian side of the border near the south shore of the Lake Neusiedl, you will find the hungarian Versailles.

I visited the place last week on a sunny afternoon and I felt like Alice in Wonderland. The big park behind the Castle is perfect for a walk. Everything was quiet and you could only hear the birds.

Not just the palace, but the garden and everything around is renovated carefully and you just want one thing – to choose a room to stay.

Today it is even possible to have a sleepover in some of the appartements, a note which I have to put on my Weekender list for Summer 2013. The mint decorated Pál appartement offers internet access, but I think I would prefer Gizella on the second floor because of the view.

Schloss Esterházy
Joseph Haydn u. 2.
9431 Fertőd

For that day, a extended walk was everything my time allowed me to do. But I will come back and stay for at least one night in quiet and peace.


Out of Town: Daytrip Sopron and Esterhazy Castle Part 1

Out Of ToWn

At the foot of the Lővér Hills and only a couple of kilometres from Lake Neusiedl and about one driving hour from Vienna (60km), you will arrive in Sopron, one of the most charming medieval cities in Hungary on the Austrian border.

Gothic and early baroque architecture, the backstreets and courtyards of the Inner Town, a daytrip like stepping back in time.

The weather was perfect for a walk and we strolled through the small cobble stone streets.

Finding a great little grocery store with regional products …

… and visiting the post office, which took my breath away with all the amazing details.

With all the little treasures you could find, when having an eye for details, I was happy that I took the time to choose the matching scarf for that Daytrip:

l‘ Imprimeur Fou was perfect for that day. The silk-cotton carré with the different prints from various designs is exactly the thing you would compare with Sopron, if it was a Hermès scarf.

From this pitoresque town it is one a few kilometers until you reach the summer residence and hunting lodge ‚Esterháza Castle Fertöd‘ completed in 1766.

Read more in my next post with photographs from the hungarian Esterhazy Palace on a beautiful and sunny afternoon in the middle of November.