Which Gelato in Vienna?

Neighborhood Stories


My favorite of my childhood was Zanoni. They still offer great ice-cream, but the place, even though it is so huge, it is so unbelievable packed with people in summer that you barely can breath. Vienna never had a lack of good ice-cream. Stores on every corner. Yet there opened so many new Gelaterias in the last years. Centuries it seemed to be an Italian domain and the red-white-green flag was kind of part of the interior. Suddenly there popped up Ice cream Stores and Bars with new concepts. First it was the colorful Frozen Yogurt hype. Good for me, as I like Yogurt most, but a good FroYo lives from the fresh and creative topics, which weren’t that fresh too often. 

Hanslteich. Summer Escape in the City

My Lifestyle

Klee am Hanslteich

Some things stay the same, some things grow bigger and better. Hanslteich has been one of my favorite places for more than 20 years. A little pond in-between the woods of the Neuwaldegg area.

A restaurant update (2012: here, 2013: here) and one of my top summer highlights to escape the heat and enjoy nature, while relaxing on a terrace.

Short Citywalk Vienna: Palais Ferstel Passage and Kunstforum

In Vienna, Short City Walk


Whenever I have to run errands in the Freyung area, a short city walk between Hof – Kunstforum – Freyung – Ferstel Passage – Herrengasse is a Must. Having a coffee, buying some french stuff, like special salt for my salt collection (here) at the Épicerie fine & Bistrot Beaulieu or at Xocolat.