Slow Hosting – the appreciation of art and cuisine in Austria

Long time Windows of Vienna readers are familiar with my pleasure, spending our free days in the state Burgenland around Lake Neusiedl and the wedding anniversary habit to spend the recurring event near the wedding location. Enjoy the photographs from my lunch at the Taubenkobel Grocery Store and the latest artworks from Hubertus Hohenlohe presented recently at the viennese Museum of the 21. Century


Amsterdam, Spring Impressions – Ansichtkaart #2

Amsterdam was beautiful. Not only the famous tulips. The city was much bigger than I expected. The walks were really long, and the weather was kind of, well April like. But still, I shot about 700 pictures and am just about to get finished with editing. So please enjoy some Spring Impressions from Holland's capital Amsterdam, the shining example of intelligent tolerance, through my eyes:

Amsterdam Ansichtkaart #1

Goedendag! from Amsterdam. Stay tuned under the hashtag #vanansichtkaart on my Twitter account (here), or follow my new Instagram account reserved for city memories here: TravelCollage

Hotel Excelsior Dubrovnik

Opened in 1913, the Excelsior has become an iconic landmark in Dubrovnik for many reasons. We couldn't be more happier with our choice to stay here. Dubrovnik is not the place, where you stay, when you are up for a City Trip bargain. The hottest place on the Adria combines history, magic and exquisite hospitality. Read more ...

Traveldiary Croatia: Dubrovnik from Above

Exploring Dubrovnik between and behind the city walls by foot (well you don't have much of another chance) was like walking through a fairytale. There are two other options you wouldn't want to miss. Seeing Dubrovnik from above. Thankfully there is another possibility than renting a helicopter. That is a part of luxury I can't appreciate,... Weiterlesen →

Traveldiary Croatia: Sunset in Dubrovnik

When the Concierge offered to help with anything I could possibly want, my first question was which place could eventually be the best to see the sunset. He was quite a bit irritated and answered very polite and quiet, why I wouldn't like to stay at the hotel.  I thought he just didn't care about the... Weiterlesen →

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