Allein am Strand: Mallorcas Ostküste

Stille und Natur auf Mallorca’s Ostküste, ein April-Traum ohne Liegestühle.

Ich wollte Ablenkung, Erholung. Am Besten einen Ort, an dem ich noch nicht war. Ein Direktflug von Wien aus sollte es für die paar Tage sein. Ein stilles Hotel, nicht zu groß, mit WLAN. Ein Ort am Meer.

Man sollte glauben, das geht leicht. War es nicht. „Allein am Strand: Mallorcas Ostküste“ weiterlesen

Trenchcoat Colors like Holidaymemories

Trenchcoatmood and Natural Colors in Architecture | Lifestyle Blog:

As much as I love a colorful life, I have this thing with natural stone like sandstone or all shades of gray in granite. I can’t stop taking pictures of architecture details, when on holidays. Let’s be honest, not only on holidays!Trenchcoat-Season is around the corner, and as weird as it may seem, this piece of clothing always combines holiday memories with interior design for me. Funny enough, I never think of rain, when seeing a nude colored trench. Sadly I still didn’t find that wow-effect Investment piece of this classic coat, but I have 2 which I really like to wear. The one that will blow my mind, when looking in the mirror is on The-List.

Trenchcoatmood and Natural Colors in Architecture | Lifestyle Blog:

But not to worry, investment pieces are things that can’t be bought within the blink of an eye. I know that, and I have some experience in that kind of shopping. Not being an impulse shopper helps here a lot, and having a look into my drawers makes me always smile, because I love each and every piece I have at home. The fact, that I bought many things abroad, brings back happy memories whenever I choose to wear one of this little treasures. „Trenchcoat Colors like Holidaymemories“ weiterlesen

Seibersdorf Castle


Sometimes you choose another road on the same tour, and then you find yourself in the middle of something you never recognized before. We really should open our eyes more often.

Driving south from Vienna, one of the first towns next to the city is Ebreichsdorf in Lower Austria, and an even smaller one just a few minutes away is Seibersdorf.

To be honest, I never heard of that place before I stumbled into this little Renaissance jewel a few weeks ago.


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