A perfect View over Vienna

In Vienna, Short City Walk

… and a not so perfect lunch.

Kahlenberg is a great place to visit, if you have guests from out of town who like to walk a round a bit and enjoy a view over the wine hills and Vienna. There is a restaurant and a hotel too, but I just can recommend the view.

Come by car or bus, have a walk and then leave again and have your meal in one of the charming Heurige near the place.

The Climate Ticket

In Vienna, Short City Walk

with updated prices from July 2019

Commuting in Vienna with public transport is pretty simple and much cheaper than in other leading cities.

My favorite ticket for public transportation is the multi-ride 8-day-Climate Ticket for 40,80. Why? Each strip of the ticket pass is valid 25 hours from Midnight until 1 A.M. of the following day.The pass is good for unlimited rides on the day of validation in Vienna (Zone 100) and it is not limited to one person.

Which means, if you travel as a couple, you will have 4 days of transportation for a total of € 40,80 = 20,40 per Person for 4 days with unlimited rides around the clock. Isn’t that a real bargain and much better than the Vienna Card?

The ticket is also perfect for people, who go by car most of the time, but desire a shopping day with late dinner ending in the city from time to time without having to think of parking lots, parking fees or the alcohol limit, because you don’t have to use the ticket in a row, but can choose single days whenever you wish to. All that for a price of € 5,10 a day instead of 2,60 for a single ride in one direction.

Where to buy? In the Vienna Transport Authority´s ticket offices, tobacconists, ticket machines or online: Search for: 8-Tage-Klimakarte WIEN

The 8-day Climate Ticket is valid for any eight days, not necessarily eight consecutive days. It is a rover ticket, which means you can travel all around Vienna. You can also use the ticket for several people travelling together. Simply punch one strip for each person in the group and don’t think about tickets the rest of the day and enjoy the city.

PLS note: Tickets bought in advance must be punched in a blue ticket cancelling machine in the tram or bus or at the barrier before you board the underground train.


8-day Climate ticket Vienna: For persons staying a longer time in Vienna, but not using public transport services every day. Valid on all public transport services in Vienna from the stated date and time until 1.00 am on the following day, and validated for any eight days, not necessarily eight consecutive days. For several persons travelling together (simply validate one strip for each person)


In Vienna, Short City Walk

Architectural features and the rich artistic details and perspectives of the Parliament Building make quite a few viewers forget for a moment that it is actually the place where the laws for all of Austria are made.

The statue of Pallas Athene, the Greek goddess of wisdom, strategy, war and peace:

Public Guided Tours
Individual visitors taking part in the daily public guided tours do not require any prior appointment.

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