Erich. Breakfast and Lunchlove in the 7th district

Ulrich got a little brother in early 2016: Erich. Right around the corner of Ulrich. Ulrich was never my friend. I have no idea why, but we just didn't chime together. I had a quick coffee there, breakfast and a very long lunch. But no, it didn't work out. You can guess I wasn't eager... Weiterlesen →


Colours in Black in the Mumok Museum, Vienna: The Karlbox

Indian Summer in Vienna. What a treat this season. MuseumsQuartier glows in colours and Froyo, cake and coffee enjoyment outdoors makes me feel like living in Paris these days. Loving a colorful life in nature, fashion and art equally, made me truly excited to attend the KARLBOX presentation by Faber Castell in the MUMOK Museum... Weiterlesen →

Trenchcoat Colors like Holidaymemories

As much as I love a colorful life, I have this thing with natural stone like sandstone or all shades of gray in granite. I can't stop taking pictures of architecture details, when on holidays. Let's be honest, not only on holidays!Trenchcoat-Season is around the corner, and as weird as it may seem, this piece... Weiterlesen →

To hot outside? Visit a Museum!

Some like it hot, some not so much. A great way to avoid the summer heat on the streets of Vienna is visiting one of our wonderful museums. Albertina Museum is one of my favorites in town. There is always an interesting exhibition on display, and the architecture itself is always worth a visit. I... Weiterlesen →

#ssslurpissexy – Karma Ramen in Vienna

Recommendations from traveling people are the best ones. My brother traveled for quite some time through Japan, and he is fearless when it comes to regional kitchens. I love his stories about Tokyos Ramen Bars and Japanese Soul food. So joining him to an authentic place-to-go in Vienna, where the Ramen noodles are daily homemade... Weiterlesen →

Viennese Phrases to know: Schaumrolle

Do you have a sweet tooth? When visiting Vienna, and being one of the Tourists, who are seeking the regional pastry pleasures, you should not miss this one: Schaumrolle Almost 50 percent fats, and 50 percent carbohydrates makes it not a light pastry. But still: the french would call it Vol-au-vent (windblown), to describe its... Weiterlesen →

Glutenfree Restaurant delights at Zum Wohl

The restaurant is one of my favorite casual dining points, because of its health-oriented kitchen. It is a gluten and lactose free restaurant, loved by vegans, vegetarians and likewise people, who enjoy meat from trusted organic farms. I like to recommend the place to viennese guests and tourists, when writing Your personal TravelSecrets for off the tourist-paths-Day-Plans.

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