Sunset WU Campus Vienna

A few photographs from my last visit at the WU Campus and short update. Yes, I still love walks in the beautiful area full of amazing modern architecture. And I still like to visit the Campus Restaurant. Indian summer is around the corner and short City walks are even more beautiful during earlier sunsets. Advertisements

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Happy New Year from Vienna

This Christmas we wished for peace and quiet moments more than the years before. We decided to take it slowly and didn’t attend crowed events during December. Stepping back and thinking about the past 11 months can really help to find inner calm. Finding time for family and close friends, who really care, is more […]

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Happy New Year 2014

We had quiet Christmas Holidays as I was wishing for. Not too much of everything. Just family, peace and tea under the Christmastree. I enjoyed being offline for a few days, but recognized that that was not entirely possible. How could that happen, that I don’t have phone numbers or adresses of people I communicate […]

Weiterlesen Happy New Year 2014