Lippizaner Happiness im Burggarten

#wovparkcollection, In Vienna

Es ist wieder die Jahreszeit gekommen, wenn jeder nach „Wie geht es Dir?“ direkt fragt, wo es auf Urlaub hingeht. Als ich letzte Woche spontan „ Ich hab‘s nicht so mit All Inklusive Buffets und Massentourismus zur Hauptreisezeit.“ geantwortet habe, war die Stimmung auch gleich am Nullpunkt. #sorrynotsorry, aber das ist meine persönliche Empfindung.

Viennese Phrases to know: Fiaker

In Vienna


My favorite shot of the week: White Fiaker Horses in the city center of Vienna on Michaelerplatz infront of the entrance of our majestic Hofburg. A thing every tourist should have in his photo album when leaving Vienna: Fiaker and viennese architecture.

I am living in Vienna, so buying a ride on a Fiaker is not a usual thing for residents. But I had the pleasure once, and I remember, I felt very special in the carriage. It is kind of that ‚princess for a day‘ moment.

But what is a ‚Fiaker‘?

A Fiaker is a horse-drawn four-wheeled carriage for hire. You will find some at any touristic corner of Vienna. In the 19. century there were about 1000 horse-carriages available, while today only about 10%-15% are offered for hiring. You can book your ride online in advance. I would recommend checking prices and carriage, when in Vienna. Regular Tour-Prices start at 90 Euros for 40 minutes for up to 4 people per carriage.