In the Park. Markterei meets 25hours

Viennas parks are always a joy. This weekend we have the pleasure of a beautiful little market festival in addition. Right infront of the modern architecture of the 25hours Hotel in the Weghuber Park, and the Palais Trautson serves with the classic sight backdrop. Markterei meets 25hours Kathi Kallauch performing live on a foodtruck September 10-11th,... Weiterlesen →


#somewhereinHietzing: Altgasse

After creating the hashtag #HietzingNews on Instagram, I was surprised how many people have been interested in News of this tiny little part of Vienna. The 13th district is a rather quiet area. People, who don't know much about the daily life of the residents here, would state that there are only white haired people over... Weiterlesen →

#somewhereinHietzing: Monday Blues

Sometimes I forget, that not everyone is addicted to Smartphones and Instagram. Maybe it is a smart idea to post some of my favorite shots randomly here on the blog too. Did you know that you can easily browse through Instagram on your desktop too? Have a look at my gallery of neighborhood pics, which... Weiterlesen →

Where to drink in Vienna: Kleinod Galerie Bar

The Location: marble, leather and a big chandelier which enlightens the antique ceiling fresco and Pineapple Onyx tables in the corner of a 850 years old gothic building, the Deutschordenshaus (The Teutonic Order), where Mozart and Brahms lived for a period of their lives. The drinks: Kleinod Collins, Wasabi Martini, Gin Basil Smash, Earl Grey Fizz or Oriental Hugo are what you will find among others at the Kleinod.

Which Gelato in Vienna?

My favorite of my childhood was Zanoni. They still offer great ice-cream, but the place, even though it is so huge, it is so unbelievable packed with people in summer that you barely can breath. Vienna never had a lack of good ice-cream. Stores on every corner. Yet there opened so many new Gelaterias in the last... Weiterlesen →

Art project Euroart MuseumsQuartier Wien

The 60th Eurovision Songcontest 2015 is history. What remains, after a week (actually for the viennese residents half a year) of Building Bridges and thousands of tourists more than usual, attracted from the oldest and biggest Contest, are Zero Points for the hosting country and a shiny winner from the always friendly country Sweden. Congrats... Weiterlesen →

Dommayer. Coffeebreak in Hietzing

A short walk from the U4 Hietzing underground station and one of the entrances of Schönbrunn Palace, you will find a viennese coffeehouse gem. The Café Dommayer. Opened daily from 7AM to 10PM there are many opportunities you will find to enjoy your time here. Be it a short break for a quick Espresso, a... Weiterlesen →

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