Crystal chandeliers and burgundy red for breakfast


Being gifted with a daughter, who sparkles up my life every day, I have to come up with a nice invitation from time to time, to honor the unworried time made possible by her good sense and ambition. We have always been a dream team, when it comes to extended breakfasts, be it in hotels, restaurants or in our kitchen. I got a handwritten breakfast menu, for my last birthday in spring the night before, to choose from various dishes including my favorite kind of eggs: Eggs Benedict. And honestly, I can’t cook them in that quality she made them for me.  A voucher for the Grand Ferdinand, in between her favorite color of all: burgundy and the passion for crystal chandeliers since early childhood, seemed to be the right gift in return for her name-day.


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Hotel Imperial. The Epitome of Luxury Hospitality

Hotel Imperial

Windows of Vienna readers know my passion for old buildings full of history. I got the opportunity to get a great insight into one of the best hotels in the world and a very special place to talk about Visual Storytelling on the occasion of the first Steller Meet in Austria organized by Instagramers Austria. „Hotel Imperial. The Epitome of Luxury Hospitality“ weiterlesen

Romantic Dinner in the Wintergarden of Palais Coburg: Clementine

Clementine im Glashaus

Clementine im Glashaus

Just back from our private Christmas Dinner, just a quick share. This location lives from two things: the wintergarden and the massiv chandelier. I liked the newly interpreted austrian cuisine very much, and just fell in love with a new pottery series, they serve the meals in. „Romantic Dinner in the Wintergarden of Palais Coburg: Clementine“ weiterlesen