Lippizaner Happiness im Burggarten

Es ist wieder die Jahreszeit gekommen, wenn jeder nach „Wie geht es Dir?“ direkt fragt, wo es auf Urlaub hingeht. Als ich letzte Woche spontan „ Ich hab‘s nicht so mit All Inklusive Buffets und Massentourismus zur Hauptreisezeit.“ geantwortet habe, war die Stimmung auch gleich am Nullpunkt. #sorrynotsorry, aber das ist meine persönliche Empfindung. Meine... Weiterlesen →


In the Park. Markterei meets 25hours

Viennas parks are always a joy. This weekend we have the pleasure of a beautiful little market festival in addition. Right infront of the modern architecture of the 25hours Hotel in the Weghuber Park, and the Palais Trautson serves with the classic sight backdrop. Markterei meets 25hours Kathi Kallauch performing live on a foodtruck September 10-11th,... Weiterlesen →

Viennese Phrases to know: Fiaker

My favorite shot of the week: White Fiaker Horses in the city center of Vienna on Michaelerplatz infront of the entrance of our majestic Hofburg. A thing every tourist should have in his photo album when leaving Vienna: Fiaker and viennese architecture. I am living in Vienna, so buying a ride on a Fiaker is... Weiterlesen →

Sunset WU Campus Vienna

A few photographs from my last visit at the WU Campus and short update. Yes, I still love walks in the beautiful area full of amazing modern architecture. And I still like to visit the Campus Restaurant. Indian summer is around the corner and short City walks are even more beautiful during earlier sunsets. related... Weiterlesen →

#somewhereinHietzing: Altgasse

After creating the hashtag #HietzingNews on Instagram, I was surprised how many people have been interested in News of this tiny little part of Vienna. The 13th district is a rather quiet area. People, who don't know much about the daily life of the residents here, would state that there are only white haired people over... Weiterlesen →

Viennese Phrases to know: Schanigarten

Vienna is quite late with the possibility to have a outdoor breakfast and lunch this year. But as summer finally appeared, and we want to inhale every glimpse of sunshine, we scream Schani, trag den Garten raus! And this old fashioned viennese sentence leads to the phrase Schanigarten. Schani was a helper in a Café... Weiterlesen →

#somewhereinHietzing: Monday Blues

Sometimes I forget, that not everyone is addicted to Smartphones and Instagram. Maybe it is a smart idea to post some of my favorite shots randomly here on the blog too. Did you know that you can easily browse through Instagram on your desktop too? Have a look at my gallery of neighborhood pics, which... Weiterlesen →

Only one day in Vienna

You are just one day in Vienna? Make the most of it. The city has so much to offer, and if you are prepared and know where to go, no problem at all. Take the underground U4 to Schoenbrunn (15 min. from the city-center station Karlsplatz) in the West of Vienna and go for a... Weiterlesen →

Happy New Year from Vienna

This Christmas we wished for peace and quiet moments more than the years before. We decided to take it slowly and didn't attend crowed events during December. Stepping back and thinking about the past 11 months can really help to find inner calm. Finding time for family and close friends, who really care, is more... Weiterlesen →

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