Day-Off: SPA Moments

Sometimes you need a day off. And sometimes there is no such day to relax. Well, then go to the hairdresser for a hair mask and lean back, or book a massage with your favorite beauty products. Go swimming in a SPA near you. Just take a break now and then. Advertisements

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Natural Daily Care

I try to use natural beauty products whenever possible. Organic and cruelty free; even better. But I learned that you can’t have it all. So I try to have a good balance in my beauty-closet. Since years one of my most used brands has been Dr.Hauschka for facial care. It was the first natural facial product I […]

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Smooth Hands

Our hands are on display every moment of the day and nothing can beat a professional manicure. But sometimes you just need that little extra to have smooth hands again. Like, in my case today, after gardening.

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