Wrapped in Passementerie

Tassels have something magical for me. I can’t pass a store, if I even think that they would probably sell some of the handmade silk-goodies. You can imagine, why this scarf-design is one of my big favs by now, no? The wonderful design is by Françoise Héron for Hermès first issued in 1960 and the little […]

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The Silk Knot App is here

Tie, untie, slide, loop… you will soon have your Hermès scarf wrapped around your little finger! Try it for yourself with the app!

…. promises Hermès for the „Hermès Silk Knot“ App and it is true joy, like everything Hermès finishes. Perfection. Well done.

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Smooth silk turns

In the mood for some Pucci moves I found a lovely Hermès scarf from 2008 in my drawer that matched perfectly. virage (fr.) = turn, curve (engl) ‚VIRAGES‘ Vintage Style Silk| Carré | 70x70cm | design by P. Péron scarfring ‚MORS‘ silver by Hermès The reason why I prefer 70cm scarves is discribed with these […]

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