This calls for colorful Silk Ribbons

We enjoy some really summery days in Vienna finally. Too hot for too much accessories. Still, you wouldn’t feel, that your outfit is completed without any. My favorites are little bracelets in silver or with leather and semiprecious stones, thin silk ribbons and some nice charms on the bag. That’s what makes a casual summery outfit YOUR STYLE.

Sharing some silky-examples from my latest OOTDs. You will find even more on my Instagram Account, which features my luxury pleasures and Silk Accessoires: Would be lovely to find you stopping by there and say hello. Can’t wait to see your summer style shares there.

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Have a wonderful summer-day and don’t forget to drink water!

p.s. Now is the perfect time to wash your silk-scarves. Light is good to see imperfections and the summery wind dries the Silkys very fast.

Wrapped in Passementerie

Passementerie Gavroche, Hermès

Tassels have something magical for me. I can’t pass a store, if I even think that they would probably sell some of the handmade silk-goodies. You can imagine, why this scarf-design is one of my big favs by now, no?

Passementerie Gavroche, Hermès

The wonderful design is by Françoise Héron for Hermès first issued in 1960 and the little scarf (pochette or gavroche) is a Spring Summer reissue from 2009.

Passementerie Gavroche, Hermès

Lately I found a new way to wear those little silk squares (45x45cm) with the help of 2 scarfrings (both Hermès), and it turns out to be my preferred method this winter. The scarf is secured with a little Tribord Ring on one side of the Mors Ring. Then wrapped around the neck and secured with the closure of the Mors. Finished and ready to rock the day with a triangle scarf the Cowboy-Knot way.

Passementerie Gavroche, Hermès

If found a really old video from 2009 with some examples how to wear a little scarf and reloaded it on Vimeo for you, because I think some of my readers will appreciate it very much. Have Fun watching, while I am out of town to enjoy a bit of Dolce far Niente:

Passementerie Gavroche, Hermès

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more pics:

Passementerie Gavroche, Hermès