Litterature by A.M. Cassandre

Last week I had a nice coffee chat with Roughcut Blogger Alexandra Palla (more about that in my next post) about the blogger scene in Austria and opened my holy Scarf Altar for her. If I remember correctly she was the third person, except my family, who had this privilege 😉 in all these years of collecting silk scarves by Hermès. „Litterature by A.M. Cassandre“ weiterlesen

Smooth silk turns

In the mood for some Pucci moves I found a lovely Hermès scarf from 2008 in my drawer that matched perfectly. virage (fr.) = turn, curve (engl) ‚VIRAGES‘ Vintage Style Silk| Carré | 70x70cm | design by P. Péron scarfring ‚MORS‘ silver by Hermès The reason why I prefer 70cm scarves is discribed with these pics. There are so many ways to change your daily style just with slightly different knottings. previous posts with the scarf: Today wearing … Virages Smooth silk turns weiterlesen