6 years Windows of Vienna

August 5th, 2009 marks the day, when a little blog on the platform Blogger called ‚All about Hermès‚ by Vanmiracle turned into ‚Windows of Vienna‘. It was just a tiny collection of the wonders of fascinating craftsmen ship. Hermès didn’t have a web presence back then, and it was difficult to find product pictures and […]

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Thank You, Instagram

Austria is celebrating Thanksgiving (Erntedankfest) today. Thankful everyday for having a healthy daughter and a safe life, I want to take the opportunity to thank Instagram. Quite a jump, I know. Maybe you will understand a few lines later.

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Bread and Wine after Work

Still overwhelmed by the charming italian hospitality and cool cafés, I attended an Openingparty of a bakery, metropolitan style in the 3rd district and expected a nice evening with good wine and nothing more. What I found, honestly surprised me, because I didn’t expect to find such a perfectly thought out concept, which you would usually […]

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Have a wonderful time with your family and friends and enjoy some Silence. I’ll be back on New Years Eve.

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First Bakingatelier in Vienna

A quick hello with a big YAY for the Bakingatelier hosted by The Coolinary Society last weekend. I had way too much cookies, but learned a lot new tricks for the kitchen. It was a pleasure to be surrounded by all those beautiful Riess tableware and kitchenware, which is my favorite austrian brand. Let the […]

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Are you edel enough?

It’s a weekend full of great events scattered throughout vienna. Simultaneously to the kick off of the Vienna Design Week, it is all about the popular Edelstoff Design Market at the wonderfully rising art district at the former Anker Bread Factory this Saturday and Sunday.

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