Windows of Vienna in 2017

Die Welt hat sich verändert. Ich habe mich verändert. Oder weiterentwickelt? Man weiß es nicht so genau. An die Umstände angepasst, ist meistens wahrscheinlich treffender. Gut oder schlecht? Anders! „Windows of Vienna in 2017“ weiterlesen


6 years Windows of Vienna

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August 5th, 2009 marks the day, when a little blog on the platform Blogger called ‚All about Hermès‚ by Vanmiracle turned into ‚Windows of Vienna‘.
It was just a tiny collection of the wonders of fascinating craftsmen ship. Hermès didn’t have a web presence back then, and it was difficult to find product pictures and articles on that miracles made from leather and silk. Collecting those, was not only interesting and fun, but connected me with other collectors around the world, which led to the idea sharing pictures of beautiful window displays from around the world.
And here we are 6 years later. „6 years Windows of Vienna“ weiterlesen

My Blickfang Design 2014 Vienna Favorites

It took me literally a week to go through my notes and pictures, brought home from the last Blickfang Design Exhibition 2014 in Vienna. So many new objects of desire for the attentive, conscious costumer. My wishlist unexpectedly went from zero to quite the big one. Still waiting for the right moment to discuss that with other family members.

My Blickfang Design 2014 Vienna Favorites „My Blickfang Design 2014 Vienna Favorites“ weiterlesen