Windows of Vienna is a LifeStyle Blog written by Vanessa Otto, a 40-something Graphic Designer, living and working in Vienna.
It exists as a diary of her favorite Places in and around Vienna, as well as Travel recommendations. is a private dairy of beautiful things, I find interesting in my daily life, and worth sharing with people, who really care, and are interested to find the beautiful things Vienna has to offer.
My main audience are readers 35+. They travel to Vienna, or just arrived in the city because business reasons to stay here for a period of time, or are viennese residents, who are just busy, and enjoy the convenience to visit the blog, because they know my lifestyle matches theirs, and they can trust my instincts, posts and recommendations. Be it a little daily pleasure, or a city-trip.

I only write about topics, that are of personal interest to me or my readers. The blog not only serves content I like to share, but shows my strong skills in photographing, storytelling, logo design and handlettering. If you think that we have something in common, that is of interest for all three parties (Readers, Windows of Vienna, your Brand/Company/Business) please send me an Email with concrete specifications and your budget. I will be more than happy to offer a cooperation within the meaning of this blog and your expectations. I am interested in long term relationships, who have equally the goal to write honestly with information value for the reader and client, but I will not answer any Email regarding finished Press-Materials or placing affiliate links or finished content.


Vanessa Otto, 1130 Vienna, Austria

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My photos are mostly made with iPhone7, Lumix DMC-TZ8 and NikonD80 (Unfortunately this baby does not work anymore. Still not decided what to do next, and am open to suggestions).
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