Windows of Vienna is a LifeStyle Blog written by Vanessa Otto, a 40-something Graphic Designer and Lettering Artist, living and working in Vienna.WoV exists as a private (non commercial) diary of favorite Places in and around Vienna, as well as Travel Stories from my favorite trips in Europe.

windowsofvienna.com is a collection of darling experiences for people, who are interested to find the beautiful things Vienna has to offer.

La Mercerie Boulangerie | Windows of Vienna

My main audience are readers 35+.

They travel to Vienna, or just arrived in the city because business reasons to stay here for a period of time. Some are viennese residents, who are just busy. And last but not least my dear friends, the main reason why I started this online diary to share my precious moments. They enjoy the convenience to visit the blog, because they know, my lifestyle matches theirs, and they can trust my instincts, posts and recommendations.

Be it a little daily pleasure, or a city-trip.

Imprint & contact

Vanessa Otto | 1130 Wien, Austria

Stay Grounded Schal

All Photographs on the blog are mine. Logos and handwritten Papergoods on the website  proudly designed, handcrafted and digitized by © Vanessa Otto – Wien – vanportrait.at

Please note

that all content including designs and images, unless otherwise credited, are property of windowsofvienna.com, and cannot be used or copied without prior permission.

more about me

My cooking passion for family and friends serves recipes and decoration ideas and moved from a growing Lifestyle Category here to an own domain on

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Thank you for following.

Ein herzliches Servus aus Wien,  Vanessa

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