#somewhereinHietzing: Altgasse

After creating the hashtag #HietzingNews on Instagram, I was surprised how many people have been interested in News of this tiny little part of Vienna. The 13th district is a rather quiet area.

Happy New Year from Vienna

This Christmas we wished for peace and quiet moments more than the years before. We decided to take it slowly and didn’t attend crowed events during December. Stepping back and thinking about the past 11 months can really help to find inner calm. Finding time for family and close friends, who really care, is more… Weiterlesen →

Which Gelato in Vienna?

My favorite of my childhood was Zanoni. They still offer great ice-cream, but the place, even though it is so huge, it is so unbelievable packed with people in summer that you barely can breath. Vienna never had a lack of good ice-cream. Stores on every corner. Yet there opened so many new Gelaterias in the last… Weiterlesen →

Dommayer. Coffeebreak in Hietzing

A short walk from the U4 Hietzing underground station and one of the entrances of Schönbrunn Palace, you will find a viennese coffeehouse gem. The Café Dommayer. Opened daily from 7AM to 10PM there are many opportunities you will find to enjoy your time here. Be it a short break for a quick Espresso, a… Weiterlesen →

Find your Christmas Peace

Christmastime. For some of us a nightmare or even not worth thinking of. Not to me. I can’t wait to light the first candle on the advent wreath and open my first windows of my adventcalender. Yes! This is not a teenage blog and I am not a child. But hey! Of course I want an adventcalender. Same goes for the Adventweekends. I am lucky to live in Vienna, where some true Christmas magic happens every year. People from around the world travel across Europe to visit the Christmas markets, and I just have to leave the house and am in the middle of a dozen choices.

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