Autumn Enjoyment in Neusiedl

The weather was perfect for a short break in Neusiedl. Mole West opened the pumpkin season already and I had to try one of these offers from the weekly menu. The organic Risotto with pumpkin and Rucola was a true delight. But that was no surprise, as we were never disappointed by the quality of… Weiterlesen →

Lunch on the frozen Lake

Cold but breathtaking scenery. Wearing Chaines & Gourmettes Hermès Scarf wrapped with a second Wool Shawl. After an hour of fun ice skating on the frozen lake, a beauiful table at Mole West was waiting for Us. One of my favorite Places at the Flat Lake. Mole West never disappoints and always delivers good quality… Weiterlesen →

Slow Hosting – the appreciation of art and cuisine in Austria

Long time Windows of Vienna readers are familiar with my pleasure, spending our free days in the state Burgenland around Lake Neusiedl and the wedding anniversary habit to spend the recurring event near the wedding location. Enjoy the photographs from my lunch at the Taubenkobel Grocery Store and the latest artworks from Hubertus Hohenlohe presented recently at the viennese Museum of the 21. Century

13. Wedding Anniversary

We must have one or two things in common, otherwise we would not have celebrated our 13. Wedding Anniversary last week. In Austria and Germany the classic gifts for that day are crystal, flowers: violet and lily of the valley and salt, but not so much lace as in other countries. The sweetest tradition of all… Weiterlesen →

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