#ssslurpissexy – Karma Ramen in Vienna

Karmaramen #ssslurpissexy Ramenkitchen Vienna

Karmaramen #ssslurpissexy Ramenkitchen Vienna

Recommendations from traveling people are the best ones. My brother traveled for quite some time through Japan, and he is fearless when it comes to regional kitchens. I love his stories about Tokyos Ramen Bars and Japanese Soul food. So joining him to an authentic place-to-go in Vienna, where the Ramen noodles are daily homemade on an original japanese noodles-machine was not a risky thing. Meanwhile ‚Karmaramen‘ in the 5th district is loved by my entire family.

Karmaramen #ssslurpissexy Ramenkitchen Vienna

The crew and the restaurants interior are pretty cool and the newly opened little backyard is even better than a Schanigarten. Starting with a Matcha-Lemonade is a Must for me, when having a look at the menu and deciding which Ramen Bowl to eat. You know by now, that freshly harvested vegetables are a big thing for me (#VKgoesfarmersLife). So it comes to no surprise that I prefer restaurants where they take great care on good ingredients. The 3 Karma-Rules of the house are very much appreciated!

Karmaramen #ssslurpissexy Ramenkitchen Vienna

Salted Edamame and Gyoza as Starters

Karmaramen #ssslurpissexy Ramenkitchen Vienna

Chashu Pork Mini-Burgers for the Not-So-Noodles-Fan.

Karmaramen #ssslurpissexy Ramenkitchen Vienna

The perfect summer meal: Hiyashi Ramen are chilled Ramen noodles with fresh Vegetables. What a treat on hot days!

Karmaramen #ssslurpissexy Ramenkitchen Vienna

Where the noodle magic happens on an original japanese Noodlemachine:

You can order the Ramen Bowls in three sizes:

Lady’s, Regular and Gentleman’s

If you like chicken, I can highly recommend the Karma Dragon Bowl with Spicy Yuzu & Chili, Pimientos de padron, …

And everything without artificial flavors! That’s to my taste. Sadly I never say no to Starters and the noodle soups and so I couldn’t make it to try the Matcha Brownie with homemade Miso-Caramel Sauce yet.


Karmaramen #ssslurpissexy Ramenkitchen Vienna

Don’t forget to make reservations in advance!

Rechte Wienzeile 2A / Falcostiege, 1050 Wien

Montag – Samstag   11:30 – 14:30 & 18:00 – 23:00

Always new instant pics of specials: instagram: karmaramen

And my last tip: Lunch-Menues with Starter of the Week + Ramen are offered for €9,90.

Enjoy! And let me know in the comments or on SnapChat how you liked it!

Wishing you a wonderful summer week ahead.

Karmaramen #ssslurpissexy Ramenkitchen Vienna



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