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After creating the hashtag #HietzingNews on Instagram, I was surprised how many people have been interested in News of this tiny little part of Vienna. The 13th district is a rather quiet area.

People, who don’t know much about the daily life of the residents here, would state that there are only white haired people over 70 with big bank accounts. Thats not true. Being a mother, who went through all stages in this district from Kindergarden, primary school and graduation with my daughter, I was fortunate to learn to know many family-stories. You would be surprised, how many foreign people, who move to Vienna because of business reasons with their families, enjoy the privilege that their children can walk by foot to school on their own, and actually can visit a public school. Young couples move in here, because they want to raise their children in a green environment. Singles move in here, because they love to run daily without the need of driving to a running area by car or public transport. Small companies rent old charming Villas to run a business family-style behind thick walls and stylish, young interiors with long communicative Meeting Tables in an inspiring area with history. And so forth and so on …


Beverly Hietzing is changing

Green, beautiful, but with not really much infrastructure. In the last few years a small scene of neighborhood stores establishes a small town character of its own. Some come and go, some come to stay. The ones that go are mostly businesses, who don’t understand the living culture here. It is special and it’s mostly not the so called ‚Beverly-Hietzing-Style‚ (even, if I love to play around with this comparison to LA’s Beverly Hills too). We are not throwing mindlessly banknotes into the air. We value quality and real good service. Embodying a fine taste, good education paired with a sense of diplomacy and offering consistent quality will make you the Business-of-the-Year-Hietzing, after a couple of years of observation, if you offended the wrong person or treated someone wrong. Nobody will ever say it into your face. You will just have no clients. Fortunately there are more and more shops and stores, who stay. Comparing to the last twenty years, when I used to shop in the city and just bought once a month a couple of urgently needed things last minute in Hietzing, it’s today a weekly pleasure to run my errands in the neighborhood.





Walking down the hill and along one of our two main streets -Lainzerstrasse – on Saturday mornings is a Short City Walk, I am very much looking forward on sunny days. Reaching Altgasse in about 15 Minutes by foot and finding myself in the middle of the small weekly market with Austrian Cheese, wine and a fine selection of vegetables and fruits. Walking through the curvy little street along vintage shops, sewing supplies, small gifts here and there, Shabby Chic Furniture and now even a Coffee & Lunch place to my taste like I would usually visit in Stockholm or Copenhagen. Waldemar’s Day Bar is our new hotspot. Opened only a few days ago, the restaurant was fully packed on Saturday Morning, inside and outside. When having breakfast on my own, I would stay about 30-45 min., yesterday it was more than two hours, and these lines, you are finishing to read right now, crossed my mind right there in between 3 Tribeca-Coffee Lungos, Croissant and Granola. Hoping that ‚Waldemar Tagesbar‘ manages to find the balance between international chic and Hietzing understatement on a long term. See you there soon. Next lunch is booked already.





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