Viennese Phrases to know: Schanigarten

In Vienna

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Vienna is quite late with the possibility to have a outdoor breakfast and lunch this year. But as summer finally appeared, and we want to inhale every glimpse of sunshine, we scream

Schani, trag den Garten raus!

And this old fashioned viennese sentence leads to the phrase Schanigarten.

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Lobo_Y_Luna. Travelsecrets and Lifestyle Stories on

Schani was a helper in a Café or Restaurant, and he had to do the not so fun stuff like carrying tables, when a new table setting had to be prepared for guests. So, when the sun came out, the owner would call him to carry the garden infront of the door of the restaurant. The Schani (worker) carried the tables on the pedestrian walk or into the backyard, including some flowerpots and the little restaurant garden (Garten) was born for the warm and sunny, summer days. This sounds completely weird, but at the same time it is so Viennese. And that’s why you should better know what a Schanigarten is, when visiting Vienna during summer months.

But be assured that this is only one version of many how the story goes.

Anyhow, take the chance to enjoy a drink or meal in one of over 1800 Schanigarten in the city.

My favorites at the moment:

  • photo 1: 1st district – Hotel Grand Ferdinand
  • 2+3: 7th district – Lobo Y Luna
  • photo 4: 5th district: Motto
  • 6th district: Zum Wohl

Servus, Lovelies! (hello and/or bye bye)

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