Where to drink in Vienna: Kleinod Galerie Bar

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Kleinod Bar Wien Singerstrasse

Just when I was up to read my last Emails before signing off, to enjoy my long awaited holiday week abroad, one of those long press informations caught my attention. Weird, cause it was a Cocktail-Bar, and I don’t do nightlife for a long time anymore. And then I knew it! This is the place, where I worked, during my short student-life, twice a week for about a year. What a place that was in the 80ies. Fun memories -and fortunately – only memories and no Instagram pics or such. What happened at the Galerie Bar stayed at the Galerie (this was the name of the Bar back then.)

Kleinod Bar Wien Singerstrasse

„Spirits to Spirits“ is the sub-headline today. Kleinod the name. (translated: little gem)

The Location: marble, leather and a big chandelier, which enlightens the antique ceiling fresco and Pineapple Onyx tables in the corner of a 850 years old gothic building, the Deutschordenshaus (The Teutonic Order), where Mozart and Brahms lived for a period of their lives.

The drinks: Kleinod Collins, Wasabi Martini, Gin Basil Smash, Earl Grey Fizz or Oriental Hugo are what you will find among others at the Kleinod.

The Snacks: New York Bagel, Kaviar and Antipasti to fill your stomach between drinking even more from the big Gin assortment.

The music:  20ties, 30ties 50ties, 60ties, 70ties, Soul, Funk, Swing

The Team: Alexander Batik, David Schober, Oliver Horvath, Phillip Scheiber

The Designer: DI. Benjamin Toth, Product Designer for Porsche Design, Teams Design in Chicago, Thonet, BMW, Interior- and Exterior Design for Yachts

Kleinod Bar Wien Singerstrasse

The Place: 1st district, Singerstrasse corner Blutgasse, Vienna

next Station: Stephansplatz walking distance 1-2 min.

The Hours: Monday to Saturday from 4pm

Kleinod Bar Wien Singerstrasse

pls note: This is one of the rare posts, where I use photos from another photographer. The full photo credit goes to: KLEINOD (c)Kleinod But I just had to bring that gem to your attention. And as I probably will never visit the place again, this is the only way to share that exciting news with you.

I truly had my moments – and lots of them – drinking way to much champagne and dancing on the table before heading to the nightclub until the sun came out. And it was the place, where I got the biggest bouquet of roses in my lifetime. 50 perfect blood-red roses, just like that (or maybe not just like that, but I didn’t recognize the message behind).

So go, have fun and don’t drive after your night at the Kleinod. I am sure it will be a great one!

Kleinod Bar Wien Singerstrasse