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My handbags are no big news. Always the same. Honestly, my last purchase was the Vivienne Westwood Cotton Bag in 2013 after the black Hermès Gardenparty in Spring 2012.  I rarely buy a new one, and if, you would know :-)) , cause this is always a big deal for me. Its like buying a new car for most of the people. I do have one or two on my radar, but I don’t like to buy a bag in a Online-Store, and didn’t see the desired pieces IRL yet.  But I thought, I sharing my favorite things in my bag today could be fun. I always enjoy the insight of a friends‘ bag. 

So here we go: Neatly organized, except the purse, as it is so big and black, you wouldn’t see anything else.

In my bag - daily essentials

The daily essentials next to my iPhone5: Yes, I take notes on paper. Nerdy, but I love it.

Pocket Calendar (Leuchtturm1917)

Notebook (Tiffany & Co)

Brushpen (Copic)

The perfect Pencil (Faber Castell)

Ruler (Aristo) – can you believe that this little triangle is older than the Internet? True. It is 30 years old.

In my bag - daily essentials

Beauty Essentials are rarely found in my handbags, except:

A tiny little wooden comb

Eyebrow pencil with brush (MAC in pic, but I tend to change the brands regularly)

Burt’s Bees rose tinted Lip Balm

Peppermint Drops and Peppermints

In my bag - daily essentials

A few safety pins, cause you never know …

And well, of course a scarfring from my beloved collection.

I know my silver-keychain is a bit big for one key, but the silver coin is very special to me and the Karma-Loop with the Inhale-Exhale reminder from my handprinted Vanportrait Design Collection is a life saver every now and then.

A cotton-shopper is always in my bag, because I refuse to accept plastic bags in store. You will find some in my Online-Shop: here

In my bag - daily essentials

In my bag - daily essentials

In my bag - daily essentials

And now my true highlight: This leather Goodie is pretty new. It was a gift from a very dear friend of mine this summer.

In my bag - daily essentials

As I am a true stationery addict, I had always 3 or 4 business card holders and envelopes in my bag. Plus: my portemonnaie didn’t look beautiful with all the additional correspondence cards in it. But now everything is neatly placed in my new handcrafted Maison Thomas Leather Envelope with tab fastening and fluorescent contrast stitching. And that is the point where we come to the beginning of the post. If you could just smell and touch the little clutch (yes, it is meant to be a small bag and not a stationary-holder), you would understand, why I am craving to get a handbag from Carole Thomas, who cares about quality deeply, and designs at the foot of the Eiffel tower handcrafted leather products 100% made in France with great care to details. Every bag is sold with an embroidered cotton tote, and this is the one you see in the pics, which I use for my beauty-essentials.

In my bag - daily essentials

Maison Thomas filled

Now you know most of my handbag secrets and rituals. Can’t wait to see what’s in your bag next time on Instagram!

In my bag - daily essentials

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