Which Gelato in Vienna?

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My favorite of my childhood was Zanoni. They still offer great ice-cream, but the place, even though it is so huge, it is so unbelievable packed with people in summer that you barely can breath. Vienna never had a lack of good ice-cream. Stores on every corner. Yet there opened so many new Gelaterias in the last years. Centuries it seemed to be an Italian domain and the red-white-green flag was kind of part of the interior. Suddenly there popped up Ice cream Stores and Bars with new concepts. First it was the colorful Frozen Yogurt hype. Good for me, as I like Yogurt most, but a good FroYo lives from the fresh and creative topics, which weren’t that fresh too often. Which Gelato in Vienna?

Then the Austrian organic trend arrived. Even better. Eisgreissler opened a tiny little store in the Inner City (Rotenturmstrasse) near Zanoni and was THE place all season. The new varieties and compositions are amazing, but I don’t stand in line for food, and for sure not half an hour.

One of the true highlights is Veganista in the 7th district (Neustiftgasse). Like the name promises, you only get vegan icecream there. The Highlight! Even for non vegans, and especially for fruit ice cream lovers. The blueberry icecream is TDF and I love Matcha Ice, but not on the street corner. And they only offer a few chairs inside. You wouldn’t want to stand on the street in the middle of the crazy traffic jam with an organic, vegan ice-cream, or maybe just I don’t.

This year Vienna went crazy. A dozen stores opened, maybe even more, and nobody seems to close one. Vienna must be the ice-cream Mekka. Are there statistics about that anywhere? Funny thing. Everyone seemed to have the  same idea with white interior and chalkboards. I tried some of them, but always had the problem that the places are just so very small and don’t invite you to stay there. Some even just don’t stick to their opening hours, which makes you very uncomfortable, when you drive across the city to get ice-cream for guests for dinner, and then there is a Closed sign (if you are lucky), even if the Opening Hours say something different. You would find out on your way home that they announced it on Facebook or Twitter a few minutes ago. Well, that’s helpful, when you plan a dinner two weeks in advance.

La Romana Vienna

Which Gelato in Vienna?

And then last week I found a true gem, at least for my taste.

A pretty famous Gelateria from Rimini (since 1947) opened at Stiftgasse. (All photographs in this post from here.) Big windows, a big wide opened entrance, high ceilings and friendly faces welcoming you. Nice seating options like milk cans turned into bar stools and nice tables along the windows. There is a second floor, but I didn’t go upstairs.

The ice varieties are just my taste. Many of them feature biscuits, almonds or cookie pieces in the fluffy ice cream. Kind of Ben & Jerry’s for adults without the paper. Don’t get me wrong, I love their ice-cream at winter at home when seeing a movie, but I prefer to sit on a table with cutlery, when I eat.  And I favor friendly staff and a menu with choices and (!) prices. Most of the time I would order an Espresso before going and sometimes it just has to be a bit more. Like Crepes or Cake. So happy that I found such a nice Ice Cream place in Vienna right in the beginning of July, and if it wasn’t so inconvenient to reach this area after the traffic was – let’s say – rearranged on and around Mariahilferstrasse, I would visit the place more often. Who knows maybe La Romana is successful enough in Vienna to rent the Gloriette :-). That would be a true jackpot. Ice Cream with view on Schoenbrunn Palace and gardens. Sorry, now I got carried away with all the sugar on my mind. Have a wonderful summer in the city!

ps.: Nearly forgot something. My favorite at La Romana so far is:

Biscotto de la Nonna

Which Gelato in Vienna?

Which Gelato in Vienna?

Which Gelato in Vienna?

Which Gelato in Vienna?




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  1. Ein großartiger und interessanter Beitrag, wir haben auch schon sehr viele Eisgeschäfte getestet aber wir gehen dann doch immer wieder in die Neustiftgasse ins Veganista, obwohl wir keine Veganer sind, aber uns schmeckt das Eis dort am Besten!
    Liebe Grüße

    1. Vielen Dank, Alnis! Veganista ist auch wirklich sehr köstlich. Wenn für mich nicht so schlecht zu erreichen wäre, würde ich mir sicher auch öfter mal eines dort schnell holen. Bei einem Extra-Ausflug genießt man dann einen gemütlichen Sitzplatz halt schon sehr.

  2. Huhu Vanessa! Richtig toller post- bei mir ist es auch so: ich kenne und liebe auch nur das Zanoni, da ich noch nicht so lang in Wien lebe. Bin aber auch immer so ziemlich genervt von den vielen Leute, möchte aber richtig Italienisches Eis haben. Werd deshalb das Romana ganz sicher austesten! Super tip 😀



  3. Toller Beitrag! Sieht toll aus! Früher habe ich in der Neustiftgasse gewohnt, jetzt ist mir eine Spur zu weit weg. 🙂 Mein Lieblingseisgeschäft in Wien ist Tuchlauben!
    Liebe Grüße

    1. Thank you for your comment Borislava. True, Vienna is full of great tasty ice-cream. I am happy that I can finally enjoy it while sitting at a table, even if that includes 45 min. with public transport or even more by car. Worth for nice locations 😉

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