Shiki Vienna

Shiki Vienna

It was on Valentines Day. A romantic surprise with lots of Umeshu Spritz with Crémant, Lime and fresh mint.

Shiki Vienna

Shiki Vienna

So happy to be able to announce: Japanese fine dining ist back in town, and not just back, but better than ever. When I started to visit restaurants 20 years ago in Vienna, it was not that easy to find a stylish place with good food back then. But we were lucky to have two fine Japanese restaurants in the Inner City. Both closed. Many other nice places opened, but never a Japanese restaurant, where you could have a high quality dinner at a stylish place, yet quiet enough to be able to talk to each other. Maybe the reason, why we bought a Teppanyaki grill for our kitchen at home, but even if it is fun to cook on it, it never is the same like from a Japanese chef.

Shiki Vienna

That fortunatley changed last week. Shiki Vienna opened on February 12th, 2015 at the same place of a former Japanese favorite of ours: Krugerstrasse 3. The restaurant is the result of a big wish came true for Mr. Joji Hattori, an artist whose engaging personality and deeply committed performances have made him one of the leading Japanese musicians as violinist and conductor (more: here).

Shiki Vienna

Watching Takumi Murase preparing the dishes with great thoroughness and calmness, through the window in the kitchen from our table in the Brasserie, was pure joy and I literally giggled, when my beautiful Sushi plate arrived. Every piece a little artwork.

Shiki Vienna

My choice for the main course: The wild cod. Because I wanted to know, if the restaurant could be compared to international quality. And it really was very close to a meal I enjoyed in Copenhagen last Spring at Kodbyens Fiskebar, where I had the best fish of my lifetime!

Shiki Vienna

All over satisfied and happy with the Valentine Dinner we had a brief look in the menu, which desserts are being offered. I was truly eager to see what will be served, but didn’t expect a highlight. I was so wrong! Again a taste explosion .

Shiki Vienna

I can’t wait to try one of the 5-course tasting menus next time in the fine dining room. Then maybe with a smaller handbag, because there won’t be so much space to put my red monster next to me. And I can already say that I like the chilled athmosphere in the Brassiere a little bit more, but would still wish for some nice tablecloth, which is the only (and really only) thing I would chance here.

My red Birkin

Coming back, very soon, not just because I like my satisfied face after a great dinner.

Shiki Vienna*disclaimer: This is my private opinon and my own photographs, like always on WoV. My husband invited me for dinner, nobody else.


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  1. Liebe Vanessa,
    Sehr feiner Artikel, schöne Fotos!
    Wir waren beim ’soft start‘ in ‚Shiki‘ – fanden das Sushi auch sehr, sehr köstlich. (ich musste ja sehr grinsen beim Lesen, denn auch in der ‚Fiskebar‘ waren wir, allerdings knapp nach Weihnachten letztes Jahr. Offenbar haben wir eine ähnliche Lokalplanung. *gg*)

    Vielleicht sieht man sich ja wieder mal bei Cliff Kapatais oder sogar in einem Lokal. Die Chancen stehen gar nicht so schlecht! *lach*



    Vielleicht sieht man sich ja wieder beim Cliff Kapatais

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