Santa cheated on Hermès with Faliero Sarti

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The Christmas Days were full of peace and family fun. One lunch hit another and we went from dinner to dinner, and of course hosted some at home, too. On the last evening of Christmas we were gifted with some snowflakes in Vienna as cherry on the cake.


My Christmastree and a Fool for Scarves

All my wishes from the Christmas list came true and I got a lot of very special books. Admitting not of so much interest for the rest of the family, but I can’t wait to enjoy all of them in 2015.
My Christmastree and a Fool for Scarves

And in-between I found a surprise I only mentioned once, when we were on our way to a dinner in the city, passing a shop window. What a nice surprise! Santa cheated on Hermès with Faliero Sarti this year. And what a cosy and big one for typography and scarf lovers! A cloud of a huge dark blue shawl with big sprayed letters. A screen printed contemporary type heaven. The Faliero Sarti ‚Fool‘ scarf comes in a width of 140 and length of 185 centimetres, which makes the shawl much bigger than I am. So cuddling into the scarf on the sofa is no problem at all.

My Christmastree and a Fool for Scarves

I have no idea why I thought the FS-scarves would be destroyed in the second I use them once. That was the only reason I didn’t dare to buy one until late 2013. The Composition Modal 90%, Cashmere 10% makes it a winner at all weather conditions in Vienna and therefor a piece I always have in my bag, even on holidays. My first two pieces (here and here) got a lot of use all year round. And so will the new one.

christmastree 2014

Thank you Santa!

My Christmastree and a Fool for Scarves

sidenote: I wish Faliero Sarti would tell a bit more about the artists behind the scarf on their website! Just in case Monica Sarti reads my post 😉 And if: I love all your designs and would die for the possibility to visit the place where the scarves are being made.

My Christmastree and a Fool for Scarves