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Dubrovnik is not the place, where you stay, when you are up for a City Trip bargain. The hottest place on the Adria combines history, magic and exquisite hospitality. There are hotels and than there is THE one Hotel. The Adriatic Luxury Hotel Group operates the finest individual luxury hotels in Dubrovnik and it is safe to say that the Hotel Excelsior is the choice you would make, if you are up for the perfect holiday.

My hotel choice in DUBROVNIK

Opened in 1913, the Excelsior has become an iconic landmark in Dubrovnik and was recognised as one of the finest hotels in the Mediterranean by the Sunday Times. We couldn’t have been more happier with our choice to stay here. Its social role in both the past and present has made it a unique place. I have never been surrounded by so much discreet professional service. The impressive photo exhibition in the lobby displays hotel guests from Queen Elizabeth II to Richard Burton or Francis Ford Coppola.

My hotel choice in DUBROVNIK

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My hotel choice in DUBROVNIK

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My hotel choice in DUBROVNIK

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  1. Dubrovnik is such a beautiful city. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Excelsior and will definitely stay there oneday. Would you recommend it in terms of the value for the money?


    1. Moritz, thank you for your comment. Yes of course, otherwise I would not recommend the hotel so highly. Usually I would stay in a small boutique hotel, I even can enjoy a stay in a hostel like described 2 months ago in Zadar. Every holiday is special and the accommodation should be chosen wisely to the needs.

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