Thank You, Instagram

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Thank You, Instagram

Austria is celebrating Thanksgiving (Erntedankfest) today. Thankful everyday for having a healthy daughter and a safe life, I want to take the opportunity to thank Instagram. Quite a jump, I know. Maybe you will understand a few lines later.

Thank You, Instagram

Yesterday was the opening party of the the world’s biggest Instagram photo collage with over 25 squaremeters filled with photos made by the Vienna Instagram community #Igersvienna. More than 1.000 Instagram photos with the hashtag #igersvienna were combined to a gigantic collage. (read more: here)

Thank You, Instagram

Everyone, who is familiar with my Citymemories-Work (here) and Paper Collages, knows how deeply I feel about putting pictures together to give them a new meaning and telling stories through pictures. I have been into that kind of world for about 25 years know. So I was truly caught emotionally, when I stood in front of the Instawall last night. (Sorry not to say hello to anyone, but I was diving just into the artwork.) And that’s why I am so thankful for Instagram.

Thank You, Instagram

When I chose a world far from glamorous and on the countryside in 2001, all my friends started to move to other cities and countries. Literally no one left, except two friends. Email was the only connection and occasional meetings once or twice a year. A lonesome ride in private communication and catching up. That all changed with the iPhone and upcoming Apps. We had the possibility to chat via FaceTime and iMessage with no extra costs and whenever we had a few minutes left, no matter where we were located physically. WiFi became our best friend. (Maybe that’s why I designed and printed this Rucksack, and use it whenever I leave town.)

when Your WiFi connects

Sending pictures had its difficulties, because you never knew which workflow the recipient preferred or was able to manage with her or his devices. And then Instagram came, and was here to stay. After some time most of my friends on- and offline started to use this service and from one moment to the other I didn’t have the feeling anymore that I have no idea what my friends life was about. Sometimes a picture just says it all.

Nobody (means zero) in my private life has anything to do with the world of Blogging or Social Media Marketing. Honestly, most of the people I know still think this is a true Nerd thing. So sending links from my blogs, Twitter whatever … would not make any sense than making myself a fool. This was different with Instagram, why ever. And so I was able to convince some of my closest friends to join the ride of the world of pictures to share our special moments. One example is a dear friend who constantly moved from one city to another. I just have our fixed Christmas date in Vienna every year, and most of the time of the last years I wasn’t able to catch up on a regular basis in which city she was working right now. So the obvious first question in every email was

In which city are you right now?

Thankfully that changed last year, when she settled in the North of Europe. But still, we can’t meet each other for a nice coffee break or shopping evening, or whatever you would do with your bestie. And now I am so proud of her, because she went from Zero to Hero in the square-pic world of Storytelling. Last week she posted a pic from her morning coffee just when I leaned back in my chair at the breakfast table with my cup and saw on my iPad her pic being just uploaded. NO, it is not the same like meeting in real life, but it is the best we can have. (Thank you, M for doing this, I know full well that this is not your world! XOXO)

So buying an iPhone was never a matter of a statement to luxury. It was a possibility to catch up with true friends. That was the main basement of building and rebuilding my accounts. I started to group my interests in Instagram Accounts. Yes, I have more than one 😉 To be exact there are five at the moment. All private, all me and about my life or/and interests.

The newest two are built for a very small special interest group. Scarfies (@silkyside) and Collage-Fans (@travelcollage). Maybe that sounds a bit od when you first read it, but then again: Why should someone want to see how a knotted scarf looks like, if he is interested in cooking and new recipes? Would you feel comfortable seeing wet paint in a messy screen print studio in-between a photo gallery of fresh organic food? And many reasons more… just no SMM Campaign behind. Sorry, folks to disappoint you today 😉

And that’s why I chose to thank Instagram this year on Thanksgiving. And for all the people out there who where constantly searching for THE reason, why I am not selling myself out for a few cents online in the last 8 years. This is my story.

Enjoy Life and your friends. Take Care.