Traveldiary Croatia: Dubrovnik from Above


Dubrovnik from above with Cable Car

Exploring Dubrovnik between and behind the city walls by foot (well you don’t have much of another chance) was like walking through a fairytale. There are two other options you wouldn’t want to miss.

Dubrovnik from above with Cable Car

Seeing Dubrovnik from above. Thankfully there is another possibility than renting a helicopter. That is a part of luxury I can’t appreciate, because of acrophobia. That said, you can be sure, that the 4 minutes Cable Car ride up to the Srđ Hill is feasible, and worth!

Dubrovnik from above with Cable Car

We chose a morning ride, but any time of the day has its highlights. As mentioned in my previous post that is the point, where you would want to see the sunset over the Adriatic. Find the timetable, history of rebuilding the Station after the war and some helpful information on the Cable Car Website: here.

Waiting in line didn’t take as long as we thought. Everything is very well organized in the Old City. It is no news anymore, that countless tourists are coming at every time of the day. And it is so worth to take the ride. There is also an amphitheatre located at the upper station, which is available for special events. I can’t imagine a more spectacular scene!

We decided just to buy a One-Way-Ticket and walk down towards the city. This was the best advise I experienced during my research. Exploring pure nature with wild sage, rosemary and Thym on our way and breathing the air filled with the scent of pine trees. Enjoy the pictures with the unique view from above by clicking for a bigger view:

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