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Edelstoff Design market is a fix starter in my calendar twice a year. Sometimes more, sometimes less interesting, but I never went home without a purchase.

Edelstoff DesignmarketShopping

This season the place has so many new designers on board. If you are in Vienna right now, take the last minute chance and visit the market this Sunday.

Edelstoff DesignmarketShopping

I visited the market on Saturday and stayed 3 hours! You just don’t want to leave. Let me share my new Austrian Designer favorite for Fall 2014:

Edelstoff DesignmarketShopping

Signature Jewelry by Iva Lapic | Iva’s jewelry box (here)

Iva is a hands on designer and knows how to satisfy her complicated (that would be me) customers. She made one of my little wishes come true and stamped initiales in sterling silver right at the designer market. I have been searching quite a while for beautifully stamped letters and had no luck until today. Isn’t that a nice piece of personal jewelry I got?

Edelstoff DesignmarketShopping

I have the feeling that I have to visit her soon again for some gifts. Support Local Artists and buy local products until Sunday September, 21.: 11AM – 6PM

EDELSTOFF | ehem. ANKER EXPEDITHALLE: 1100, Puchsbaumgasse 1C
entrance: 2 Euro

my german review for Viennarama here

Edelstoff DesignmarketShopping

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Edelstoff DesignmarketShopping


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