Traveldiary Dubrovnik: First Impressions


It was a big surprise and not planned ahead. Greetings from my Girls Dream!
Some girls dream of weddings, others of Rockstars, many of shoes. My dream was always Dubrovnik. I love small cities and towns with a sea of red rooftops more than fashion metropoles. I have been to many big cities and every has a speciality on their own, but never touched my heart like an Italian, Spanish or Croatian town with that special mix of red roofs, small alleys, steps, a church on top of a little hill and all surrounded by the sea.

Ibiza was my place in my Twenties, Toscana was great, Istria too, the South of France charming, but there was always this imagination that Dubrovnik would top all of that. Big expectations.
And now I am here. Right in the middle of my girls dream.

And actually I cannot believe that reality is even better than my dream. I expected a beautiful old ancient town and found a huge monumental piece of history. Walking openmouthed through the creamy white stone walls. Finding breathtaking details on every corner …

That’s why this holidays hashtag is #VANdreamscometrue
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Take care and enjoy life,

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