Best Pizza in Vienna

We all love Pizza, even our Labrador. Thing is: everyone likes a different kind and that makes it kind of a difficult dinner for homemade Pizza, why I decided years ago, that we go out for Pizza, except special occasions, then I make tiny, little Pizza Hearts.

Pizza Disco Volante Vienna

In the city-center? No doubt for me: Still the Pizza Senza at Regina Margherita in Wallnerstrasse: Napoli Classica. But somehow I just like the restaurant on warm summer evenings, when you can have a seat in the courtyard. Rare moments in Vienna.

The rest of the year we used to go to Francesco’s in the 14th district not far from the U4 Hütteldorf train station (Linzer Straße 415) for about 20 years. A pure and authentic Italian restaurant you would find in any italian city run by a family.

Pizza Disco Volante Vienna

And then we tried Disco Volante last year. Hyped from Fashionistas and Bohos from the very first day, who frequently visited the first Pizzeria Mari in the 2nd district (which is just to far for me, just to get a quick meal) owned by the same family.

Pizza Disco Volante Vienna

Honestly it is not the Giant disco ball, in the middle of a non decorated hall-like room, which turns out to be the wood-burning stove. It is the pure and delicious Pizza. And just like that, our family has been visiting the place every second week. And that will not change, if the quality doesn’t. I mostly order the white Pizza without tomato sauce with little cherry tomatoes and Rucola and on really cold days and near to starving it could be the white Pizza Volante with potatoes. The rest of the family tried all the meat and sausage variants and was never disappointed.

Pizza Disco Volante Vienna

Pizzeria Disco Volante
reservation highly recommended after 6.30PM
Gumpendorfer Straße 98

Pizza Disco Volante Vienna

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Pizza Disco Volante Vienna


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