New responsive Blogdesign and Categories finished

new blog appearance summer 2014 - on Windows of Vienna

Hello everyone! I didn’t forget my readers or my blog. Quite the opposite! The lack of post had a reason. I have been busy working on a new appearance to make your experience on Windows of Vienna more convenient, when on the go. All new on the blog.

  • better experiences on mobile devices
  • fully responsive
  • all Social Media links clickable on one place
  • new sidebar with 3 main Link-Categories
  • links front and center in bright red with clear white (non mirroring) background like the viennese flag
  • no flash, no banners, no moving slides
  • easy to read typography …

new blog appearance summer 2014 - on Windows of Vienna

Hope you like the new blog-appearance as much as I do. And now there are no excuses anymore not to start with the posts from my amazing Easterholidays in Copenhagen, which still only exist as small snapshot shares on Instagram under #cphmemories. Meanwhile you can guess from my food inspired Screenprint, where I loved to eat during my week in the North of Europe.


Enjoy and have a wonderful summer week!