Delicious 4 course menu and saxophone sounds

Many restaurants come and go. Interesting concepts, which last, are rare these days. One that has to be pointed out as extraordinary – in my humble point of view – is the Dinner Club: Albertina Passage, a place, where luxury in terms of international standards is key. I wouldn’t know to recommend a better Dinner Club in the City.

Club Dinner at Albertina Passage

We celebrated recently the holiday start there and spent a wonderful evening for the umpteenth time. Well entertained we enjoyed the four course menu to the fullest . It is save to say, that the meals are even better than in the last years.

Club Dinner at Albertina Passage

The service staff is amazingly helpful and tries to fulfill every possible wish (well, you know what I mean – according to drinks and food).

Club Dinner at Albertina Passage

Albertina Passage
Opernring/Operngasse (next to Opera)
Tuesday -Saturday 6PM-4AM
Summer: Thursday -Saturday 6PM-4AM 

Club Dinner at Albertina Passage

And because we wanted to make sure that this will be a 100% non stress evening, we booked a Chauffeur for the first time. The traffic in Vienna has reached a level that you don’t enjoy driving anymore, plus: the cocktails are too good to not drink a few of them. Second reason: I don’t like viennese Taxis. To many inconvenient experiences. Booking a Chauffeur, who is waiting for me, was always something I wanted to try. I was surprised, that there is a service available in Vienna, that combines nice cars, very good drivers with blameless, unobtrusive behavior and, who actually know the route without explaining.

Club Dinner at Albertina Passage

I got a  promotional code from the Blacklane Chauffeur Service attached to my booking and want to share it with my readers:

 code: VIENBL99Z55

You will save 20% on your first ride with Blacklane! Have Fun in the Limousine and remember: Don’t drink and drive. Read more about the restaurant in my previous post: viennas-first-dinner-club (2012)


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