Augarten. A walk in the park


Weekend is around the corner and Vienna has so many beautiful parks to offer for a walk, morning run, an extended breakfast or lunch. Picknicks get quite popular in Vienna too lately.

Augarten - a walk in the park

Augarten Castle Park is a lovely place, where you could easily stay all day. There is always an event like the „Chelsea Fringe Vienna, Shiatsu in the Park, concerts, …

Augarten - a walk in the park

Right at the big entrance you will find the small palace Augarten , where the company Augarten porcelain is located with production, shop and restaurant. There are better places to eat in Vienna, but sure worth a coffee break, because the view is just so romantic and it feels like a fairy tale. Who doesn’t need something like that once in a while?

Augarten - a walk in the park

The violets are my current favorite design from Augarten, but what could beat my little plates, which were handpainted by the little hands of my daughter, when she was in Kindergarden and primary school?

Augarten - a walk in the park

Augarten - a walk in the park

Enjoy some pictures from my recent walk through the Augarten park and a stop for a Weisser Spritzer (white wine with sparkling water) at the Bunkerei, a casual restaurant in the middle of the park-wall (5-8 min. walk from the main entrance)
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Wishing you a wonderful spring Weekend!

AUGARTEN Park, Café, Shop and Bunkerei:

Obere Augartenstr 1a

1020 Wien

Augarten - a walk in the park


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