12 hours in Milan

12 hours in Milan

After breakfast, lunch, climbing 250 steps up to the rooftop terrace of Duomo Milano and enjoying the  most amazing exhibition, we headed up a bit north for a casual walk in the narrow and – oh so -charming streets of the beautiful district Brera, and of course for some more dolce far niente in lovely little italian cafés. The most lovely area of Milano IMHO.

12 hours in Milan

Small boutiques, little cafés and groceries full of the best italian products you could imagine.

12 hours in Milan

Enjoy the photo gallery of an afternoon in rainy Milan, which made everything even a little bit more mysterious and special.

I made a little map highlighted with my favorite streets and places in Milan. click on picture for a bigger view

12 hours in Milan - Citymap

After finishing the city memories of a day trip in Milan, I still can`t believe, that there were 3 parts needed to share what we saw on just one day. And we really did it the italian way. Many stops in small cafés and didn’t rush around the city. You see, 12 hours in Milan could be quite the holiday break in-between with the morning-flight at 7AM and heading back to Vienna at 8PM or even later.

Part 1 and Part 2

12 hours in Milan

And if I would live a bit more south, exactly this Vespa would be the transportation of my choice:

12 hours in Milan


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