Sweet Valentine 2014

Have a sweet Valentine’s Day with choices from my favorite sweets, candies and cookies.

Valentine's Day 2014

  • Pattini, Milan
  • Cioccolatitaliani, Milan
  • Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella, Florence
  • Bacco, Sicilia
  • La Pistacherie, Paris
  • La Maison de la Truffe, Paris


And if you don’t have the chance to visit one of the glam cities of Europe, don’t worry and visit

Xocolat in the 1st district of Vienna (1010, Freyung 2)

in the middle of the Passage of Palais Ferstel. There are so many sweet goodies in the shelves from all over the world including all kinds of accessories for the sweet tooth.


Because You can’t eat just healthy organic food.

WoV-Valentinesday-Xocolat-01Or buy a sweet perfume. My favorite is still the same. 3 years on the top 3 list: click


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