Artist feature: Irene Ganser

Neighborhood Stories


Absolutely fascinated by the vivid and radiant regatta themed photographs screenprinted over oil painted canvas, I tried to get an appointment with the artist behind, and was lucky enough to meet Irene in her viennese Atelier, where you can dive into a world of water and racing emotions across Europe on canvas.


Irene Maria Ganser was born in Austria. Studied and lived in Paris, Como and Milan and worked in New York before she settled in Vienna.

Fascinated by sailing, Irene photographes international sailing regattas for many years before she starts to mix different painting and graphic techniques to express even more motion into the racing scene photographs taken by the artist herself.


Coming from the Fashion and Design industry, and working with influential designers such as Kris Ruhs, the founder of the famous Milan Concept-Store Corso Como 10, she knows well how to put a scene into the right light and has a trained eye for color-compositions, which is, I guess, the thing that touched my heart, when I saw the paintings the first time.


And that’s the piece, I fell in love with: RC 44 Austria Cup in gold


Irene Maria Ganser lives and works in Vienna.