Something new old and borrowed for 2014

In Vienna


Every year in December I have the same ritual: Going back and forth through the statistics of my blogs and taking up the notes I wrote.

I recognized, which posts got the most views when sitting evenings over the statistics of Windows of Vienna, and after weeks of trying this and that, I found six  new Categories for 2014, which should fit your expectations and should make it more easy for you to find what you enjoy the most:



With the new WordPress-Theme for 2014 (twentyfourteen) the look of the blog got just what I was searching for. So no need to buy an upgrade. And as we all know, I will get bored of the theme anyway in a few months and choose a new one 😉


EAT will bring you restaurant reviews, grocery shopping, as you were used too, just the name changed. The RECIPE section will not be continued in 2014. If you are still interested in my recipes please visit my new austrian foodblog #vanportraitkitchen and use the translate function.


GO: Daytrips close to Vienna, holidays or just out of Town


SEE: Events, Exhibitions, Movies, beautiful Places or special Details in Vienna


WRAP:  My favorite ways to wear scarves, shawls, tunics and stoles. In Silk, Cashmere, cotton, linen. From the bargain buy to the silk perfection of Hermès. With or without my Hermès Scarfring Collection. SEE how I like to arrange or fold my scarves to pimp up a casual wardrobe with a piece of cloths.


BUY: Must Haves from Vienna as well as bargain tips or hidden places which you will rarely find in tourist guides.


CRAFT is a profession that requires some particular kind of skilled work, usually applied to people occupied in small-scale production of goods. Artisans have my greatest respect and therefor get their own category in my blog. This Category will point out places where you can buy local crafts by austrian artisans and artists.


I hope you like what I have been planning for you.

And now let’s get started with new posts in 2014!