Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year from Vienna

We had quiet Christmas Holidays as I was wishing for. Not too much of everything. Just family, peace and tea under the Christmastree.

Happy New Year from Vienna

I enjoyed being offline for a few days, but recognized that that was not entirely possible. How could that happen, that I don’t have phone numbers or adresses of people I communicate with?

That has to change in 2014 as some other things, like being available all the time for things that really can wait in line sometimes.

Happy New Year from ViennaWhile the city got pretty crowded around 6PM, we headed back outside the center, after our New Years Eve walk, to celebrate New Years Eve  at home.

Happy New Year from Vienna

Making some appetizers and choosing delicious austrian pastries for the family and waiting what the New Year will bring.

Happy New Year from Vienna

Thank you for an adventures 2013 and for coming back to my blog on a regular basis. Your clicks and views are very much appreciated.

Wishing all my readers a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!

Happy New Year from Vienna

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