Christmastime is about Storytelling

Neighborhood Stories

Christmastime is about story telling. So why not live the viennese dream of Christmasmarkets in front of palaces and handmade gifts from resident artists, craftsmen and producers? Let me share with you my favorite food and gifts this season.

where to go

Christmastime is about storytelling

1. outside: Schönbrunn was and is my favorite place to walk around the palace park and then have a Sissi Punsch (with white wine).

2. inside and outside: Labstelle offers inside delicious Austrian cuisine and outside after 4PM around the corner in a small passage small appetizers and hot drinks liked mulled wine and Punsch. (I promise to write an english review soon, please find my german review here and enjoy the photographs for now: click)

Christmastime is about storytelling

3. Christmas Village on Maria Theresa Square is a wonderful location in the middle of two museums (Art History Museum and Natural History Museum) and I had the best freshly baked Kiachls, kind of doughnuts, there.

what to collect

for the home

Every Christmas season I pick one of the classic viennese pewter tree decorations from Urbanke. What started as a modest hobby grew into a delightful collection of winter decoration in our home.

Christmastime is about storytelling

what to make

Admiting, that I like the british fruit cakes much more than the austrian and therefore baking every year a new variation of Mich Turner’s rich fruit cakes, and even handprinted a recipe version on tea towels this season as a gift-wrap for the cake.

Christmastime is about storytelling

what to buy

Those little wood-quotes are the cutest small presents for a small budget. Screenprinted by Barbara and Christoph, you will find the signs handmade of fruit crates on Etsy or around little Christmasmarkets in town.

Christmastime is about storytelling

Another fair priced gift source I found and can’t wait to give as a present as it is so special in details: Paper Republic offers notebooks with  Japanese handmade Chiyogami and Katazome covers, associated with natural writing paper from Sweden. Each piece is unique, hand-numbered and crafted in Europe according to traditional bookbinding techniques.

Christmastime is about storytelling

Last but not least the storytelling highlight of the winter-season: a viennese student who draws dream sequences for his own graphic novel had the idea to screen print parts of the story of the Schlafwandler on organic and fair produced T-Shirts. Can you imagine that I feel double cosy with my long-sleeved oversize T-Shirt in front of the fireplace? (Yes, it was a gift to me this time.)

Christmastime is about storytelling