Perfect scarf and shoe combo for rainy days

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It’s time to open a new scarf box of mine for you. Bad girl has cheated on Hermès again 😉


What to wear on cold and wet days like this Sunday? These days are more then usual in Austria over a long period, but I like to go out anyway. There are lots of Christmasmarkets opened. So why not wrap into a cosy cashmere scarf and wear some casual boots? Not stylish enough? I don’t think so.

Friendly Hunting purple and yellow Cashmere Scarf

I got this Friendly Hunting scarf in a beautiful color combination of white, purple and yellow and bought some classic and  slip resistant Dr. Martens 8 Eyelet Boots in purple with additional yellow laces. These shoes are not the kind of one season pair, which you can’t wear next winter again. Quite the opposite! The older the better.

Friendly Hunting purple and yellow Cashmere Scarf

The scarf is my first from Friendly Hunting. I was quite a while on the hunt for one, and if you go back to my older posts you will see it really took me some time, to buy one, since I wrote the sentence „Today I like Friendly Hunting„.


Hermès Cashmere Shawls are still my favorites, because I like heavy cloths around my neck when it is cold outside. You can’t compare the quality of the two brands. They are just to different. What I really enjoy on my new one: It is lightweight and I can wear it indoors too. And I like the family character of the brand.

The feeling of wearing a Friendly Hunting piece should be one of comfortable familiarity, like the
company of an old friend.

Christian Goldmann

And you can really feel that!

Friendly Hunting purple and yellow Cashmere Scarf

Just one important tip. Decide on the scarf OR a necklace. But DON’T wear both together. FH cashmere scarves are super thin and delicate. One touch with a chain closure and you will be very unhappy. AND, if your entourage decides to wear a jacket with a zipper: just don’t hug them until they decide on a coat with buttons or until they slip it of.

Have a wonderful sunday, even though the weather is grey and cold. At least we have scarves, roasted chestnuts and punch!

Friendly Hunting purple and yellow Cashmere Scarf