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Faliero Sarti - Focus of Love 2014

A Faliero Sarti Scarf has been on my wishlist for quite a while. Every now and then Monica Sarti designs a typographic themed scarf and I never managed to get one in Vienna, even though there are some boutiques like Pregenzer, who offer some of the unique italian heavenly soft scarves feeling like little clouds around your neck.

Faliero Sarti - Focus of Love 2014

Of course I knew that there will be a wonderful new design in the next collection, but didn’t even think that I will find the „Focus of Love“ in the streets of my hometown. And then, one sunny afternoon, just like that, it was right in front of me, in a boutique not far behind the St.Stephens Cathedral, when we where on the way to our dinner in the city. Instantly in a bit of ecstasy with the poetry around the center word LOVE, I felt so lucky, like I won something.

Faliero Sarti - Focus of Love 2014

Enjoy the pictures and explore letters formed to words and meanings, while they fade away again. I could just dive into the scarf and live in the middle of the „Focus of Love“. Wishing you a wonderful fall weekend. It’s the perfect time of the year to play around with your scarves.

Faliero Sarti - Focus of Love 2014

Campaign video on YT:

The wholen mill stands as a sole proprietorship in 1949 on the initiative of Faliero Sarti.

From the beginning the winning ideas are the rising market of fashion, manufacture of articles selected as raw materials and extremely treated in the processing, the introduction of the first processing of knitted fabrics Jersey to Prato, timely responses to an increasingly selected and demanding in terms of quality. In twenty years, between 1956 and 1976, the company was equipped with its own internal and external structures, always under his control, specialized in the manufacture of yarns and carded combed in knitting.

read more about the history on the Website: Faliero Sarti