Eggs Benedict for breakfast at JOMA

In Vienna

JOMA in Wien

From time to time I have to visit JOMA for breakfast. There is that special craving for Eggs Benedict.

Many, many years ago I stayed at the DELANO in South Beach, Miami. A vision in white designed by Philippe Starck with venetian chandeliers, hundreds of squaremeters of white curtains and a breakfast table at the pool. This was the morning when I fell in love with Eggs Benedict.

JOMA in Wien

I was spoiled forever. Nobody could please me with this special breakfast like Miami did. And Vienna is kind of really difficult when it comes to this special meal, and I tried really hard, believe me. I went from breakfast room to breakfast room, from hotel to hotel. Say the name of E.B. on the menu and I am there to try. Even the so famous „The Ring Hotel“ these days, disapointed my palate profoundly.

JOMA in Wien

But there is one place, where they know to satisfy me with my special morning wish: JOMA

Hoher Markt 10
1010 Vienna
JOMA in Wien

8AM – midnight (Fri-Sat until 2AM), kitchen until 11PM

breakfast until 11:30  weekends until 1:30PM! Isn’t that FAB? And that’s another reason to come back on weekends. Who wants to end his breakfast at 10AM on sunday???