Lunch at the pond

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Essen bei KLEE am Hanslteich

Had a nice lunch at Klee’s sourrounded by the woods of Neuwaldegg and the lovely Hanslteich pond. The offer a very fair priced lunch meal this year.

Essen bei KLEE am Hanslteich

The En Desordré Pointu was the perfect choice. Tried the first time the „Chaîne d’Ancre Recto Verso“ scarfring with such a thin scarf and it worked very well. As it was offered to me in Paris as scarf ring for 70cm Carrés, I was not sure, if the even smaller Pointu will look god with it. But make yourself a picture:

Essen bei KLEE am Hanslteich

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Have a wonderful summer day in Vienna!

En Desordre Pointu green